Andy Blake, a.k.a. Thanfiction, is… notorious [for] being the center of incidents which include starting a cult in LOTR fandom, another cult in Harry Potter fandom, failed convention organizing, his many fraudulent identities and pseuds, faking the deaths of both his real and fabricated identities, and being witness to the homicide of his roommates/cult members. He is a fanwriter and fanartist best known for his involvement in a number of high-profile fandom controversies.

While he had previous pseuds in the late 1990s (two of them were “Voyagerbabe” and “Strwriter”), he’s most known for joining the Lord of the Rings fandom in the early 2000s as Victoria Bitter. He later went on to use a number of other pseudonyms. For much more, see Victoria Bitter Wank.

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TYPE Article

DATE 12.25.2020